What people say about Jim Sobosan and No Limits Life Coaching

"Before I knew Jim, my life was disorganized mentally, physically and emotionally.  My ADHD seemed to rule my conscious thoughts with unfocused and negative behaviors.  Jim was able to give me the tools that I needed to manifest a positive, manageable and successful lifestyle where I felt in control.  He taught me mental exercises to help me organize my day, kinesthetic exercises to remain in the present moment, focused and aware, and emotional exercises to manage negative thought patterns. I couldn't have done it without him and am forever in his debt!"   - Ben R, Photographer and recent college graduate 

"Jim has taught me to be mindful of all my decisions that relate to me, my team that supports our practice and the services I offer my clients. Jim is holistic in his coaching. I am more productive in my business and have more peace of mind personally as a result. I look forward to what is next in my growth plan!" - 

Jim is an exceptional coach for me and has done this over the past 1 1/2 years, and this resulted in a 60% increase in revenue in my financial planning practice in 2007. He has taught me to be mindful of all my decisions that relate to me, my team that supports our practice, and the services that I offer to my clients. Teaching me to be mindful, he also allows me to evaluate decisions and has an articulate way of pinpointing and being very personal to the issues that I face. It is like he knows exactly what I need to do to move forward, and coaches me to see it for myself, allowing me to have a lasting effect and impact on my business. We have also focused on the balance that I have in my life. Because I said that balance was important to me, he reminds me of my priorities and that the decisions that I make professionally, will impact me personally. He is holistic in his coaching and I am more productive in my business and have more peace of mind personally with his coaching. I look forward to what is next in my growth plan!
Trish M
Financial Advisor

Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Sobosan, a management coach.  I cannot fully express my appreciation to you for arranging for me to work with Jim.  He consistently challenged me to look at my supervisory and management challenges in new ways and to address my areas of weaknesses in systematic ways.

His coaching allowed me to approach challenging but needed conversations in a proactive way and resulted in some excellent outcomes.  For example, Jim's coaching allowed me to find a new approach with an employee when the restructuring of Harper College for Business into Enrollment and Marketing resulted in a job change for that employee.  I credit Jim's coaching with helping me express the change in a way that allowed the employee to see the opportunity inherent in the change.

There is no question in my mind that Jim would have had a positive impact even if he had focused only on Michael H the Harper Administrator, however, he spent some of his time on me as a person.  This approach appealed to me in a deep personal way. Knowing that Jim, and by extension the College that engaged him, cared about me as a person motivated me to devote energy and effort to making the changes that I did.
I strongly encourage the College to consider using Jim with other administrators or supervisory staff who have difficulty adjusting to their role or who have particularly challenging staff.  In fact, even those doing well might benefit from Jim's coaching to further improve their skills and diversify their approach.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to work with Jim.  It was an invaluable experience for me both personally and professionally. Mike H.

"Jim helped me to grow professionally and personally. His executive coaching enabled me to stay focused on my goals; live up to my own commitments; and keep me working on my identified important tasks. Whether a small business owner like me, a major corporate executive or somewhere in between, I recommend you talk to Jim to see if he can help you make the positive change in your career advancement that he did in mine." 

Having Jim Sobosan as a coach was very helpful to me in several areas, especially time management in blending both work and other, more personal pursuits, and a vastly improved self-recognition of my talents…some of which I did not even know I had.  From the beginning, he asked a lot of questions, questions that led me to believe they were tailored to me and my personal circumstances.  This turned out to be true because, as the coaching went on, he knew me and my ways well and was able to use, make observations and suggestions that got to the heart of matters quickly and allowed me to act accordingly and successfully.

I cannot speak for all coaches, but I cannot recommend Jim Sobosan more highly!

Ralph H

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