Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why a Coach?

What’s the big deal about working with a coach?
What’s in it for me? I’m a successful professional and I manage my life pretty well.
What’s the value in taking time out of my busy schedule to talk with someone about the quality of my life, my career performance, goals, and ambitions and have to pay them to listen? I have done pretty well on my own so far.

This is an incredibly fast-paced society we inhabit. How often does anyone take the time to pay attention to their thoughts and feelings while trying to navigate through the hectic world around them? How much do you miss simply because you don’t have time to pay attention? How often do your habits rule your behavior? How often do you wish you could be more efficient, more effective, and more successful in your life?  How much more could you accomplish and experience if you stopped getting in your own way?

Would you be more likely to reach the goals you set, appreciate the way you live and reap the fruits of your labor if you had someone paying attention to you even when you are not? Someone, who is a vigilant attendant to your thoughts and actions. Someone who is aware when your thoughts and actions are in sync with your goals and when they are not.
I often find that hearing what is not being said is more valuable than what is. If it is true that 70- 80% of our behavior is dictated by our unconscious mind then it must be true that we are often not completely aware of why we do what we do.

                                A skilled coach will hear what is not being said and provide clarity to the action and to the mission of the behavior.

A skilled coach will hear what is not being said and provide clarity to the action and to the mission of the behavior. An awareness of all driving forces is critical to a successful outcome in most life areas. 

Accountability to a plan is critical to its success. A coach assures that this accountability is maintained. More importantly a coach is the eyes and ears that provide an early warning system, which allows for the detection of misdirecting and self-defeating behaviors. 

I have worked with professionals from a varied range of career sectors. Periodically I am asked “what do you know about the business I work in”? I always respond by saying, I am most valuable to you when I understand how you work rather than where you work.

I adamantly believe that intentional behavior is the key to success in all areas of life. I coach with that belief in mind. To be intentional one must be mindful, focused and determined to effect change. Coaching assures a focus on intentional behavior, a challenge when it is not, and support to achieve the desired result.

So why a coach you may ask?  The answer lies within you.

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