Monday, July 6, 2015

                                                              What If?
                     You went on an adventure instead of reading adventure articles?

A personal adventure can be many things. It can be exhilarating, spontaneous, spiritual, exploratory, whimsical, energizing, seductive, filled with laughter and enlightenment.  You say, “Wow I want that!” I say, “Great! Get on with it.”

Oh, not today, you say?  You have to finish heating those Hot Pockets sitting in the refrigerator; and then there is, backed-up work projects, changing the oil in the car, a trip to the mall, paying bills and finally, when the day is done, staring at the television for hours. Yes, life can be a  powerful thrill a minute!

How many times have you thought about tackling something out of the ordinary, even extraordinary? A trip you have always dreamed about, an activity that seemed exciting but perhaps too risky - rafting down a death-defying river, taking a class with a world renowned professor, or a cooking class with one of those fancy talking chefs, joining a choral group, going on a date with someone you have been spying from afar, a vacation to some distant island or mountain retreat?

How often do you have thoughts about doing something exciting or interesting and quickly let the thought slip away? Do you promise to do it later? Do You keep your promise?

An adventure can be something as simple or complex as you prefer. It doesn’t need to require great amounts of cash or time. All you will need is desire and a willingness to jump out of your mundane routine into new experiences that can get the ol’ heart rate thundering, engender excitement, wonder and laughter.

Many will read this and think, “Yep; great idea” and quickly return to their same ol’ same ol’. Some readers might truly want to add an adventure here and there, but will feel stuck and thus will make no effort to stretch themselves towards something new and exciting. It is those who say, “Damn right! I want more fulfillment in my life and I intend to take action, that will create opportunities for more adventure, passion and enthusiasm in their lives

It’s not easy to climb into that Conestoga wagon and set across unknown lands, with a band of strangers, over mountains and across raging rivers. Such effort takes enthusiasm, planning, commitment and trust in one’s ability to thrive.
If you want to pursue your own adventurous quest, you’ll need to:
·      Get off the couch and take action.
·       Set a time frame.
·      It’s your journey so explore the things that pump you up.
·      Write out the steps necessary to make it happen.
·      Clarify the benefits of trying something new.
·      Identify resources you will need
·      Share your ideas with others as many of us are energized by the enthusiasm of others.
·      Be sure to acknowledge any thoughts or fears that could inhibit a successful outcome and have a plan to assure that they don’t.

 Adventure is not always predictable or comfortable, but it sure does make life worth living.

Have One?

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