Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What If It Is ADD?

                                                   So What If It Is ADD?

Well, I say great! Now you know what to blame for all of those times: you were late, lost an assignment, spent days pondering and pondering the simplest task, stopped a project in midstream, lost track of something you were working on, blurted out an embarrassing comment, got distracted or just plain forgot, created a problem by jumping into something without thinking. You get the idea.

Fortunately there are gifts to balance the yin with the yan. You know; the creative energy, the often highly intuitive nature, the sensitive perception to those around you, the quest for something new and exciting, the humor and intelligence, unique perceptions and the gift of gab. There are numerous examples of very successful people who report having ADD and nevertheless thrive in the entertainment/arts, business, science and political arenas. There are a plethora of famous names that are attributed with ADD. Some of the people who are reported to have or have had ADD are: Bill Gates, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Pablo Picasso, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Werner Von Braun, Ernest Hemingway, Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy, Robin Williams, John D. Rockefeller, Justin Timberlake, Whoopi Goldberg, Walt Disney, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Bill Cosby, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joan Rivers, Virginia Wolf, Jim Carrey, General George Patton.

Whew, quite an impressive list. While the traits of ADD undoubtedly presented difficulties for these folks and probably impeded their progress at various times, the presence of these traits certainly did not limit their ability to achieve success and to live rewarding lives. Having ADD is not an automatic prescription for failure, but it does require a mindful focus on the choices that are made and a concerted effort to develop more productive behavior patterns.

There are always choices to be made.  For example, you can choose to focus on the deficits that impede your progress and may even create chaos in your life. You can also choose to maintain behaviors that continue to sabotage your momentum, thus allowing these dark forces to control your thoughts and actions.  Or, you can choose to embrace the gifts you possess and create the changes that lead to opportunities to succeed and thrive.

I do not suggest that simply being mindful will correct all disruptive patterns of thought and behavior. It is however, a critical piece of the change puzzle. Making choices can be difficult and complicated, but when you are mindful, you increase your awareness of the factors that impact your life and your outcomes.
                                   Choose Wisely and Embrace Your Gifts

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